Guidelines for video clips, posters & CVs


The « Clip + Poster + CV » formula is a way for young researchers to briefly present their work and skills and to be quickly remarked and clearly spotted by the industry representatives attending the event.

Young researchers who would like to participate in this event will have to prepare a video-clip, a poster and a CV


Guidelines for the video-clip


Junior scientists are free to talk about whatever they would like to. There is no restriction in terms of originality, creativity or even spoken language – French, English, Italian, Chinese… or even mute!
However, please keep in mind that the purpose of this video-clip is to introduce yourself and invite people to come and see your poster. We invite researchers to have a look at the videos presented in past editions in order to get some ideas. Don’t be afraid to be original and to use your imagination!

If you’re too afraid of standing in front your phone and start speaking, you can use drawings, pitcures, animated slideshows… don’t forget that it lasts only 15s and that you have everything to gain from this experience. It will make it easier for you to approach industry representatives during the event, so it is really worth a try!

If you decide to shoot the video using you smartphone, check some basic tips online!


Video-clips should respect the following guidelines:

  • Maximum length: 15s
  • Acceptable file formats: .avi, .mp4, .mov
  • Maximum accepted size: 8Mo
  • Name of video files: Lastname-Firstname.avi

Once ready, please email your clip to: before March 4th.

Guidelines for CV

Participating researchers are invited to send their updated CV to or during the registration process.

All received CVs will made available to attending industry members.


  • Language: English
  • Email address: please indicate your personal permanent address as well as recruiters may want to contact you after you are done with your thesis
  • Maximum length: 1 A4 page – this is the accepted format in France, recruiters may not look beyond the first page!
  • Accepted file formats: .pdf, .docx (NOT .doc)
  • Nomenclature of CV files: Lastname-Firstname
  • Participants must not forget to print out their CVs themselves and bring several copies at the JSIam event since there will be a CV bar at your disposal during the Midi-MINATEC. Folders will be provided to hang copies of your CV and/or business cards with your poster.



Only PhD students and postdoc fellows who have submitted a video-clip will be allowed to present a poster!

To be eligible to present a CV-poster, submit a vodeo-clip!  in Maison MINATEC during the JSiam. The 3 best clip&posters will be rewarded with attractive prizes after the sandwich break!

The three best posters will be decided on the following crieteria: Ability to promote your research project, to highlight the skills developed & to demonstrate your enthusiasm to join industry!


Poster shall stick to A0 large portrait (not landscape) as the maximum permitted size; you must print it yourself.

You can hang your poster starting from 8.00am on the meeting day. We ask you to use the supplies at your disposal in the Paladium room and display your poster on the board that shall be assigned to you.


Keep in mind that the JSIam audience is not the same as in a scientific conference: posters should not present scientific results, but your background, skills and aspirations. They will be the basis of discussions with the industry representatives that you are going to meet.

Feel free to insert anything you want such as photos, details about your hobbies, your thesis work, your skills, your career plans and your expectations.

For those who may need it, you can use the GIANT power point template: Download template.

This template uses the font Klavika Basic Light for the text and Font Awesome for the pictograms – you may want to download and install these fonts on your computer for better results.
Feel free to tweak and personalize the template – the only caveat are the logos: don’t change the GIANT logo and keep either orange of original blue & purple for the JSIam logo.


!!! Please note that your CV, clip and posters are likely to be published on the website!