#AdoptADoc Instagram contest


The Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting is your opportunity to build your first connections in the professional networks of industry, startups and consulting.


But how do you stand out from the crowd?

Leave your PowerPoint slides, cover letters and academic CV* behind… and turn to Instagram! 

No, it doesn’t require you to have an Instagram account…


All entries will be posted on the @giant_grenoble account, so that you do not need to set your own account to public (or create one at all).

  • A jury of industry professionals will vote for the best 3 entries, i.e. the 3 people they’d want to meet and could interview or hire**
  • A “Followers’ Award” will go to the entry with the most likes on the event day (29th March, 1.pm); so don’t forget to promote your entry to your own network
  • We may also have special prizes for the best hashtag, best concept and so on… to reward creativity and originality!

Prizes includes LinkedIn premium subscriptions and gift vouchers. If you have ideas for useful and nice to have prizes, we’re listening!


*Bringing a CV formatted for industry at JSIam is STILL a good idea

**Regardless of their backgrounds and fields


So here is what you are going to do

Submit 1 Instagram post showcasing your skills, know-how, personality… anything you can bring to the table in a job after leaving academia. It is your best first impression packaged in a post.

Do not try to fit all of your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, expertise and publications in 1 post, but select what describes you best and makes you stand out professionally. You may even choose not to mention your thesis topic!


Content requirements

Your post should have one objective: help you network with industry attendees, be it online or in person. You’re free to take pictures, tweak them, draw, make a video, animation… and don’t forget the caption counts as well!

Feeling stuck? Here are a few concept suggestions:


Technical requirements

  • You are limited by the constraints inherent to 1 Instagram post:
    • 1 to 10 pictures: if you use a lot of pictures, make sure it remains engaging enough that people would want to swipe through all of them
    • and/or videos: keep your total video duration under 15 seconds (we’ll be strict on that); a video file counts as 1 image in the 10 pictures limit
    • check out this article on Instagram image and video sizes and dimensions, and this one for free tools to help you create stunning content
  • To make sure we post it exactly as you mean it to look like:
    1. use an Instagram draft to edit, crop, and apply filters, stickers, text and so on…
    2. save the file(s) before sending it to us


How to submit your entry?

Send your files and the required information by 27 March, 2019. We’ll start posting entries as we receive them, so feel free to submit yours as early as February!

  1. By Instagram DM to @giant_grenoble
    • Surname, Name*
    • Laboratory and team*
    • Thesis subject and year *
    • Twitter account
    • LinkedIn account *
    • Your video / and images in the order of posting if you submit more that one (1 Instagram post is limited to 10 pics)
    • Caption *


  1. OR by email to jsiam@giant-grenoble.org with the following information
Surname, Name *
Laboratory and team *
Thesis subject and year *
Instagram account
Twitter account
LinkedIn account
Files submitted * attached to this email; file names: ……….

file transfer link: ……………….

Please indicate order of posting if you’re submitting several images – 1 Instagram post is limited to 10 pics)

Caption * Including hashtags; try to keep it reasonably short; if you use special characters and emojis in the caption, please send a screenshot as well, we want to make sure we use the same



NB: We will add the following text at the end of each entry’s caption:

« °°°

Entry #x of #AdoptADoc #MyJSIamPitch contest for #JSIam2019: Your Name (@yourhandle) from [your lab & team], in his/her x year of working on [your thesis subject]

Find him/her on LinkedIn at [your LinkedIn custom URL] and Twitter at [@yourhandle].  »


We strongly suggest that you create a LinkedIn account before the event, and use a custom URL to help people find you online.

We will delete most entries a few days after the event is over, or maybe repost them as stories. Don’t forget to capture or regram yours on 29 March if you want to keep it.